What can Possibly Go Wrong with your website?

The website is your showcase of your business and you don’t want things possible go wrong and damage your reputation. One of the worst things that any website owner might never want to see is an Error 404 page found when clicking on a link. Why it is a serious issue is that it makes your customer instantly leave your website and may never want to visit your website again. So in this article, let’s look at some of the issues that could possibly go wrong with your website.

Non-Renewal of Hosting/Domain Name

This is a common problem faced by many website owners. When they start their website for first time, normally for a 1-year plan and forget to renew in due course. Even the hosting companies send a reminder mail for renewal, if they missed it, then the site will come down after the expiry date. And it may become a major issue as customers coming to your website on seeing it is not loading or account suspended status may dump you and visit another website. So in order to overcome this issue, it is always recommended to set your hosting plans and domain name renewals to “auto-renew” options so that it gets automatically renewed the next year.

Changes in Your Hosting Server

Even though this is not a major issue, some hosting companies might go for a complete overhaul of their setup and will send you due reminders of the changes to take place. So companies will do that unannounced. Hence it is important to take these email notifications seriously and take all possible actions in due course or your users may see a 404 page.

Virus attacks

This is another common issue faced by many website owners. Virus attacks can happen to any website and you need to be always prepared for the inevitable. Make sure to take frequent backups of your website data. Virus can be loaded to your website when you upload files from a computer that is infected with virus or when your website is hacked by someone. To minimize these issues, make sure your development computers are virus-free and change your FTP logins regularly. Signing up with Google Webmaster tools will notify of you of any virus presence in your website when Google tries to spider your website and identifies any virus present in your server.

Non-Working Contact Form

Your contact form is the link with the outside world if it is not working or showing any errors then potential clients will not be contact you unless you’ve provided some contact details in the page. Sometimes hackers may try to hack into your website through posting illicit links through the help of bots. To prevent that, it is better to use Captchas in your registration and contact forms. Try to check the status of your contact forms and see if it is working once in a month or week or two. Better make your website as your browsers home page so you can see your webpage every time you open the browser and spot any glaring issues immediately.