Top 5 WordPress Plugins that improves Social Media Traffic to your Website

If you are looking to generate more traffic to your website and boost your sales and revenue then you definitely concentrate more of your efforts towards Social Media. And the more you are active in Social Media and interact with your customers, it is better for your website in terms of traffic. But with WordPress, there are some readymade plugins available that could help you gain more traffic. So let’s take a look at the top 5 wordpress plugins that improves social media traffic to your website.

1. Monarch WordPress Plugin

Monarch is a Social sharing plugin released by Elegant themes that provides your website with excellent social sharing options. Your website users will find it extremely easy to share your posts in Social media pretty quickly. Installing the plugin to your website provides you with a special set of social sharing and social media follow buttons. The plugin works great in mobiles too and that is an added bonus for your website. You are also provided various options about where and how to place the social media share and follow buttons. There are almost 25 websites for you to choose from for your social media buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LiveJournal, Digg, Blogger, Myspace, Tumblr and many more.

2. Social Metrics WordPress Plugin

Another great wordpress plugin that helps you to get a lot of traffic from social media is the Social Metric plugin. The plugin helps you monitor the number of shares your posts has been made on various social media channels along with the content that the most popular etc. This allows you to understand which kind of content is popular among users so that you can post content in the same manner.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Social media success largely depends on how much visitors love your content and share it within their network. The more your content is shared, the more the chances of increasing traffic to your website. And the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugins helps people to share your posts across various social media platforms in the internet. Your visitors can choose from almost 40 different platforms to share your content. Even though the plugin is not for free, it is definitely worth the money.

4. Sumo WordPress Plugin

Sumo is a free wordpress plugin that not only provides a lot of statistics about your website, but also adds the social sharing options to your site to help our visitors share your posts with their friends and families. It also provides a functionality to allow your visitors to subscribe to an email list and integrates with many email systems like MailChimp.

5. WP Twitter Feeds

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels and if make your business popular in Twitter then you have succeeded to a great extent in generating traffic for your website. WP Twitter Feeds helps you monitor how your content is shared by people on Twitter. You can even add a twitter widget to display all the likes and shares for your content.