“Working with Nik was an easy and great experience. He was able to articulate our design ideas into an amazing website. I would definitely recommend him again to anyone wanting a quality and reliable website.”

Alex Danze

Scott Sonenshein

“Nik is a very responsible and capable web designer. He will work extremely hard to deliver the results you want and I have found him very easy to work with.”

Bestselling Author

RCO Cash 4 Cars

“The first time I was connected with Nik the designer was on one of those spammy type of emails you receive when you buy a domain. I honestly didnt need his services for that domain however I replied asking if he was interested in taking on a much larger project I was working on. I personally didn’t have the time to redo the existing site. Nik replied promptly and took on the large job. He didn’t ask for money upfront and went to work on it. The finished result was better than I expected and was beyond happy. His pricing was more than reasonable. He’s also taken on a few more jobs for me and a few referrals from associates. Every job was to complete satisfaction. Nik is based out of India and some may be reluctant to hire however this guy is a complete gentleman and gives 100%. I can be contacted directly to validate this review at ralph.milone@rcocash4cars.com”

Ralph Milone


“Nik has helped us develop a web presence for two of our companies—one was a standard corporate image site; the other is a web-ecommerce site. Not only did he provide designs that were visually appealing and enhanced our brand image, he also provided useful guidance on the choice of platform and back-end capabilities we would need to meet our commercial objectives.”

Darrell West
Founding Partner

The George Garmon Agency

“To all those fellow entrepreneurs and start ups looking for a creative source for real prudent, timely, productive and knowledgeable assistance with launching your business…I highly recommend Nik! 3 years in and LOVING IT! I ASSURE YOU…YOU will be glad you took my advice!”

George Garmon

Twin Towers Alliance

“The many websites and logos showcased on this site make Nik’s expertise and ingenuity apparent. But what is not as apparent are the intangibles. His reliability, willingness to meet expectations, and level of care have made Nik a great resource for our Non-Profit.”

Margaret Donovan

Olive Branch Capital

“I would gladly recommend Nik to anyone needing a website design and technical consultant. He consistently did even more than we asked, and always responded promptly. He is very talented and we are thrilled with the work he has done for us. We plan on using him again in the future.”

Scott Coleman
Founding Partner

Basecamp Cafe

“I love working with Nik! He makes it almost too easy. If I have a random thought about a change or update or improvement I want to make to my website, I just email him and its done before I can even think to go look and check. He sends me an update with a link every time, making it super easy on me. If its not exactly what I envisioned, I give him the change and its done. If I’m not sure what exactly it is I want, he figures it out. Never mind, when I first contacted him to do my websites, again, so easy. I just emailed him my ideas, some examples of what I like with a basic description and then he put it all together, sent me the mock ups until I was happy and then went live. He also self manages his time and is so fair in his pricing. He is so fast he could charge quite the “hourly rate” but instead he knocks it out, keeps track of his time and keeps my cost down where I can afford to make all the changes I want to my website, when I a want and still stay within my budget. I don’t know how anyone could make it any easier or any better than the set up he has got going. I have never met him and yet, he is my knight in shining armor when it comes to having a webmaster.
I feel so lucky I found him. He is just great!”

Stacey Havener

Stuff for Everyone

“During the course of my 40 year career with Cadbury and Snapple as Vice President Finance, and now as Chief Executive Officer for Stuff for Everyone, there are few people I can honestly call PROFESSIONAL. Nik is one of those people-a true professional. Truly an extraordinary designer-from initial contact, to concept design to concept fine tuning. Nik listens, follow directions very well and as a result produces world-class results in a timely and affordable manner.”

Robert D. Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer

Rare Kids Network

“Nik is very professional and prompt in taking care of your web needs. From design, implementation and maintenance, you can depend on Nik to complete your requirements in a timely manner. He is focused on making sure you are happy with the end result and he suggests affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.”

Patricia A. Redding
CEO & Founder

Essential Bed

“I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Nik. He listens, makes helpful suggestions, and very efficiently takes care of all my website needs. Highly recommended.”

Randy Gonigam

Zast QA

“Nikthedesigner delivered a high-quality website that users appreciate. An aesthetically pleasing UI/UX attracts customers and exudes professionalism. They worked hard to complete the project quickly on time. Would definitely recommend to Nik for future projects.”


Jonny Lewis

“Nik is fabulous! of course, everyone wants a website at a good price, and he provides that. But he also provides high-quality websites. I rarely have to wait more than a couple of days for him to respond with changes I’ve requested, and often I get them within a day. (Obviously, any good designer has multiple clients, and I don’t think it’s fair to demand instant replies every time, unless you are willing to pay a premium price for it.) Nik has a good eye for design. He does the right amount, not over-designing a site just to make it look fancy if it doesn’t serve a purpose. But he’s capable of doing whatever I need. There’s never been a need he couldn’t meet, or a problem he couldn’t fix. (There’s never been a problem with Nik’s pages, but sometimes things arise with the web hosting company—even a good one like GoDaddy.) On the other hand, a couple of times when I asked Nik for a simple new website, he added some nice little extra flourish, like some graphic for the home page. It’s something he himself composed—not just something he grabbed off the web—and it fits the feel and purpose of my site perfectly. Nik has designed several websites for me now, and I highly recommend him. One last thing: I do a lot of the easy revisions of my websites myself, but when I need something done that’s past my level of competence, Nik does it, and he doesn’t nickel and dime me for the small stuff. In short, Nik is good, he’s timely, he’s artistic, and he has integrity. What more can you ask for?”

Jonny Lewis

Board Buying

“As a sales and marketing consultant, I value Nik’s creative approach to website design. I’ve used his services repeatedly and have always been pleased with the results. His response time is outstanding, and his fees are very reasonable. I’ve referred him to numerous others in my industry, and they’ve also been happy with his work. I highly recommend him.”

Greg Papandrew

Zinman Textiles

“I am very pleased with your work and know that attractive and functional websites are so crucial to a business, particularly with the changes that Covid has imposed on all of us.

I will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking to build a website and you will indeed be hearing from me in the future.

Bozena Bortkiewicz