Best WordPress Security Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Security is an important aspect for any website and it counts even for your wordpress website. You need to make sure that you take every possible step to enhance the security of your wordpress website. It includes right from choosing your password, plugins you install and even the themes you choose for your website. So let’s take a look at some of the best wordpress security tips & tricks for your website.

Strong Authentication

Your username and password form the first layer of security for your website. A feeble and a weak username and password provides the hackers to easily access to all the important data in your website. Many wordpress website owners still have admin as their username as it allows to easily remember. But remember this provides an easy passage for the hackers to get into your website. If you are using the same, it is high time you change it with a strong username. There are many websites that can generate some tough username to provide greater security for your website.

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

It is well and good to start with a shared hosting plan when you are just starting up your website. It is much cheaper than a dedicated web hosting plan. But once your website grows in size with more users, it is better to shift your hosting with a dedicated plan as it provides a greater level of security for your website. A dedicated website plan ensures your website with latest security options than a shared website hosting plan.

Aksimet Comment Moderation Plugin

Apart from protecting your website from security threats, it is imperative to guard your website from comment spamming. Hence it is important to moderate your comments in your wordpress website. And this is where a plugin like Aksimet plays huge role in taking the pain out of comment moderation. Hackers and spam commentators can all kinds of things including leaving links to suspicious links to in your websites that can lead to search engines black listing your website. Installing the Aksimet plugin helps in flagging suspicious comments in your blog and keeps your blog safe and secure. It also plays a huge role in enhancing the reputation of your website.

Use Captchas wherever needed

When it comes to using forms, you would have noticed that many websites using captchas. The main reason behind using a captcha in forms is to prevent hackers from doing an automatic registration or hacking your form to create registrations. The use of a captcha ensures that bots or not used for registration and only a manual registration is possible.

Regular Backups

It is always safe than to be sorry and it is imperative for every website owner to take regular backups of their website. Most people don’t give much importance to backing up their data unless they are left stranded with all data lost due to any corruption or virus attacks. You don’t need to take manual backups, but just install plugins like Vaultpress or Updraft plus to take care of the backup process.